3. February 2017

Kauz on the Podcast: “Of Good Bots and Bad Bots”

In the recent issue of eco audiomagazin our managing director, Thomas Rüdel and three other experts discuss the potentials of bots and the dangers this technology holds in store.

In our blog, we have already covered the topic of good and bad bots. The audiomagazin by eco – Association of Internet Businesses (Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V.) also tackles this issue. Good bots are designed to advise users and deliver relevant information, like little helpers that strive to make our lives easier. The concurrent improvement of bad bots comes as given, which makes it harder for normal users to distinguish them from real human beings. Consequently, they can create false links, make deceptive and misleading recommendations or, in a much worse scenario, bad bots could be responsible for spreading trojans and malware. In the podcast  ‘Von good Bots und bad Bots’  (Of Good Bots and Bad Bots), listeners learn many interesting facts from the discussion, held by four experts in this field. One of them is our founder and managing director Dr. Thomas Rüdel. and Dr. Peter Purgathofer, memeber of the Human Computer Interaction Group of the TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna). This 45-minute podcast accompanies you on a rainy afternoon or a car drive particularly well!

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