1. March 2017

Advantages of Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce is a dialog oriented exchange between users and businesses. In our blog entry “Conversational Commerce – Playing your Trump Card: Dialog”, you can read on this definition. In this entry, we would like to illustrate the advantages of this kind of communication with your customers.

  1. Natural Language: Conversational Commerce utilizes the processing of natural language in order to react to customer requests. To users, it feels as though they are conversing with a real person.
  2. Good User Experience: Users are accustomed to every day communication via messengers and chats and do not need to adapt to anything new. The interfaces are similar to the already established means of communication and thus feel familiar to users.
  3. Deep Customer Relation:  Customer communication in the style of private talk strengthens your relationship with your customers. Messenger apps provide a visible chat record. The current context is created and the link to past conversations drawn. The communication is only suspended but never terminated.
  4. Tailored Services: With the help of chatbots, services are tailored individually to the customer and the context. Additionally, more relevant advertisements and service offerings can be designed based on real time information and forwarded quicker.
  5. All in One: Conversational Commerce allows for many services via messenger interfaces. For instance, users do not need to be directed to a separate website to deal with payments. This contributes to a better user experience.
  6. The Correct Channel: Conversational Commerce allows businesses to interact with their users via a relevant channel: SMS, mobile apps, web chats or voice interfaces.
  7. Save Costs: The addition of Conversational Commerce helps you save costs, while it generates valuable customer data.
  8. Learning Effect: Conversational Commerce applications take place via digital channels so that the course of conversation is available if needed. Staff are therefore able to examine those and derive new knowledge for the future.


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