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Our Team

We are a startup business from Düsseldorf Bilk and have set ourselves the goal to develop the best German-speaking chatbots, with Natural Language Understanding. We achieve this with a comprehensive ontology, deep semantic analyses and self-developed tools. Our team therefore consists of linguists, computational linguists and software developers.


Our Mission

“We develop the best possible language processing software for our clients.”

“We make a significant contribution to the development of friendly artificial intelligence.”

Our investors and supporters

Viktor Popovic
Uwe Ringling
Hendrik Sassmann




Any questions?

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What kind of employees are you looking for?

We are always in need of experts in the fields of system development and semantic modelling. We are looking for linguists and computational linguists. You can be at the beginning of your career, contribute after long-term experience in your field, or you can also be a student of a relevant university course.

The same concerns experts of preprocessing and data processing. Our current open positions can be found  here. We also offer internships in the aforementioned fields.

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Who is the management of Kauz?

Kauz has been founded, financed and lead since 2013 by Dr. Thomas Rüdel, long-standing senior partner of McKinsey & Company and expert in statistics, econometrics and the design of complex systems.

As CEO and head developer, he drives the business forward. On the commercial side, he is supported by formal and informal teams, consisting of sales experts, former colleagues and executives from relevant sectors.

How big is Kauz?

Currently, Kauz employs 18 workers in the fields of linguistics, computional linguistics and software engineering. Furthermore, four working students support us on a part-time basis.

What is the strategic goal of Kauz?

Our strategic goal is to establish ourselves as the market and technology leaders of chatbots in the German-speaking region. On the basis of our sophisticated linguistic technolgy, we are confident about achieving this goal.

What are the core competence and the main product of Kauz?

Our core competence is the development of broad langauge abilities of systems, in addition to genuine dialog capability.

Kauz’ main product are our chatbots – software that answer questions, which can reduce live online chats, e-mail communication and calls in call centers. We believe that eventually, thanks to our chatbots, these types of communication could potentially become obsolete.

Who is Kauz Linguistic Technologies?

We are a small business in Düsseldorf-Bilk and we aim to develop the best German-speaking chatbots with Natural Language Processing.

This we can achieve with the help of a wide-ranging ontology, deep semantic analyses and the energetic input of our team, which consists of computational linguists, linguists and IT developers. All resources and functions, from the development stage to distribution, are handled within Germany. We are no offshoot of a foreign supplier. Therefore, we are focused 100 % on German speaking markets.

What is a chatbot by Kauz?

A chatbot by Kauz is a linguistic software that customers of your business can make use of, to chat with an avatar in real time.

They reply reliably and quickly to questions regarding products and services all around the clock, without any down time while still delivering consistent answer quality.

What makes Kauz the better choice?

Concisely put: Due to our own development of innovative linguistic technology, our chatbots can answer user questions more accurately and more often than those of other market suppliers.

This matter of fact allows for Natural Language Understanding that is being enhanced and refined continously. We do not offer a mere black box with statistical methods.

Are chatbots by Kauz able to answer every question?

Once in operation, a chatbot by Kauz is improved continously with the help of its experience with user conversations. Missing answers are supplemented or refined and new questions are detected and recognized.

Our chatbots successfully understand 90 % of user questions, as long as they are articulated in simple and natural German that is not distorted by nested sentences, foreign words, abbreviations or severe spelling errors. Otherwise the user receives amusingly incorrect or inappropriate replies, overly generic answers or the prompt to articulate themselves all over again. Usually, it all works out the second time!

How are chatbots by Kauz developed further?

Your chatbot is developed along two dimensions: Firstly, without any extra costs, you profit from our improvement of commonsense knowledge. Since all our chatbots make use of a shared linguistic knowledge base that is constantly evolving, all our clients profit from this without any of them having to engage in extra work.

Secondly, the chatbot has to be improved according to the client as much as possible, especially in regards to your produts, variants and services. This is achieved in two different ways: our daily statistical analysis of your customers’ conversation with the chatbot helps us improve the chatbot’s answers. Moreover, we offer our clients a certain amount of monthly product and service-specific enhancement. These two improvements are free of charge, or included in the monthly package price. We only charge for extensive complementory development, such as the expansion of technical offers.

What languages do chatbots by Kauz understand?

Our chatbots understand and output in German. Every language or rather its semantic abstraction in computer-aided systems requires detailed language skills and expertise.

Therefore, our chatbots cannot simply be translated into another language automatically; a redesign of the complex linguistic rules of the target language is required in order to provide abstracted mechanisms across languages.

What makes the linguistic technology by Kauz unique?

The core of our technolgy is linguistics. We employ linguistis, computational linguists, and system and IT specialists that have developed our chatbots collaboratively – and are constantly improving them on a daily basis.

Carla demonstrates eight skills that make our chatbots unique.

Who is Kauz’ most fitting client?

Our ideal client has to deal with hundreds or even thousands of customer inquiries regarding products and services. These inquiries are usually processed by call centers, live chats and sequential e-mail communication that require high costs and time consuming work. Our target clients would be businesses such as telecommunication and energy provers, financial service providers, online shops and retail in the private sector. In the public sector we would like to offer our service to communities, museums and other government institutions.

Who makes use of your chatbots already?

Below is a list of selected clients:


Sparkassen Finanzportal

Deutsche Familienversicherung

Deutsche Bahn




Also, we are always in active conversations with potential clients.