For Employees and B2B

Problem Example 1: Form Search for Sales Employees

In a highly regulated business there are over 200 forms sales staff members have to provide customers with.
The search in the forms center is tedious and often does not lead to the desired result.
Sales staff therefore prefers to call the specialist department.

This need for optimisation can now be met by Kauz.

Kauz’ Solution

Kauz’ powerful NLU engine assists this search for forms.
The chatbot acts as a moderator and asks questions in case of unclear entries. In contrast to form centers, the employee is not overwhelmed by countless incorrect hits. The chatbot accurately retrieves the correct document and additionally provides useful information, if required.
Behind the simple interface is a complex and powerful NLU engine, which reveals itself through its efficiency and effectiveness in the chat window. The employee is spared a tremendous amount of work and time and is offered a comfortable user experience.


Problem Example 2: Purchase Order for Employees of a Chain Store

Several thousand employees of a chain store use a service portal to place orders and search for problem solutions regarding internal technical matters. In total, there are about 10,000 solution texts and order options. The existing search options often remain unutilized or do not lead to helpful results. As a consequence, many times employees create uncategorized tickets that have to be processed manually.

Here, Kauz can make a skilled entrance once again.

Kauz’ Solution

The search is powered by Kauz’ unique NLU engine and the dialog is moderated by a chatbot (here without an avatar). This chatbot has its own small knowledge base for frequent questions and also uses the entire knowledge base provided by the client. If it so happens that a topic is not covered, a categorized ticket is created, which accelerates its processing.




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