Become a Partner

Our approach to chatbots has left a good impression? Here is your chance to become our partner! If you are interested contact us via mail.


Our innovative linguistic technology allows our chatbots to answer questions more frequently and accurately than traditional bots. This natural language understanding is constantly being improved and developed further.

We are currently looking for development and operation partners for our chatbots. On the technical side, we have an NLU engine and a matching bot architecture that enables close cooperation with partners and a clear distribution of roles. 

Our goal is to provide users with information quickly and accurately. At the same time, our chatbots should take over tasks themselves that reduce or even eliminate the intervention through employees.

In order to give you an understanding of our approach to chatbot functionalities, we have prepared the example “chatbots for communities” below.

(Please note that we are currently developing only German-speaking chatbots! This example was created as a mockup in English)





We distinguish between core functionality and extended functionality.

Core Functionality

Information about identity cards and passports, e.g.:

  • validity, processing time
  • costs, discounts
  • application
  • required documents
  • setting up, blocking, unblocking the online functions
  • assistance in case of loss, theft
  • temporary identity card

Information on certificates of good conduct, e.g.:

  • exhibition, content
  • required documents
  • costs, discounts

Extended Functionality

Information on citizens’ offices

  • addresses, opening hours
  • telephone number, e-mail address
  • agreement on deadlines
  • enrolment

Illustrative information about the city, e.g.:

  • population
  • history, foundation


Are you a professionally focused company interested in a partnership for development and operation? We would be pleased to hear from you!